Stanky & Cece's Team

About the Authors

Chad Hanstedt

is always creating—music with some of his favorite guitars, off-road vehicles, custom car parts, and furniture with
his welding and metal fabrication equipment, and of course, Stanky &
Cece with his imagination and love of story. He is an avid jeep
enthusiast and an aerospace engineer, who was thrusted into the
world of single-parenthood when he was widowed shortly after his
daughter’s birth 16 years ago. Chad lives in Arizona and spends his
time being a parent, playing music, “engineering,” and heading off on
adventures with his jeeps—and Cece.

Kathy Sparrow

has known since she was a child that she
wanted to be a writer. And she is—of non-fiction and fiction for adults,
poetry (mostly for her own soul), and children’s books. As a writing
coach and university professor, she guides aspiring writers into the
magic of allowing their stories to be shared with others. A grandma to
four artistic and creative grandchildren, Kathy can often be found
chasing fish with her fly rod in California, Colorado, Mexico—or
wherever her travels take her. For more information about Kathy and her work visit

About the Illustrators

Jacob Gray

is a big fan of all types of drawn art, whether it be comics or storybook illustrations. He loves it so much he does it for a living! He spends his free time on the couch sketching next to his wife, Madison, and his two dogs, Zeus and Percy.

James Koenig

is an illustrator who resides in Arizona. He lives with his wife, Corissa, and dog, Bailey. James started drawing almost
as soon as he was born. It was always a passion of his and eventually made it a career when he grew up. Whether he has truly grown up is still up for debate. James has illustrated for over 55
books thus far. Along with books, he has also developed characters and artwork for countless products, toys, games & more. James loves collaborating with other artists, such as Jacob. They were colleagues together while attending The Art Institute of Phoenix. You can see more of his work at his website:

About the Translator

Claudia Lopez

Claudia López is a lover of stories in different languages ​​and from different cultures. Claudia reads stories in Spanish —her native language—English, Portuguese, Italian, and French. She is passionate about understanding the story that wants to become alive in her life, for this she studies a lot, especially herself. The practice of meditation, yoga, and connecting with her community help her. She is also passionate about being an instrument for people to know their own stories, which she does in her role as a coach.