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What does it mean to make good choices?

Best friends, Stanky, the jeep, and Cece the dog, soon discover that each adventure holds the opportunity to make the right decision and take responsibility for their actions.

In Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules, the friends head out for an adventure, and one bad decision lands them into trouble—creating havoc for a family of rabbits.

Ultimately, Stanky & Cece learn a valuable lesson about making good choices, apologizing for their mistakes, and taking responsibility to fix what they destroyed.

Adventures can be fun and safe—when we follow the rules and make the right decisions.

“We loved this book and read it multiple days in a row. My 6-year-old is learning some big words like trespassing! So excited to buy the next one in the series.”

“As someone who used to teach early reading, I REALLY appreciate how the authors constructed a meaningful story with minimal language and many words that can be read by an early reader. It's harder than it looks to achieve that!

“I loved this book for several reasons. First, it's about a Jeep... and a very cute one at that. The illustrations are vibrant and eye-catching as well, but the message really won my heart. We all make mistakes, and learning what to do after you make a mistake gives kids some tools to work with. Introducing the concept of making amends at a young age is brilliant. Four tires up! : ) Highly recommended.”

“My four and two-year-old nephews loved this book! They both love Jeeps and mischief and are becoming aware of their impact on others... :0) They were drawn to the fun illustrations. I appreciate how the message is delivered in a constructive way without shaming, and the questions at the back are a bonus.

Co-authors Chad Hanstedt and Kathy Sparrow team with Illustrators Jacob Gray and James Koenig to share the adventures and valuable lessons of Stanky & Cece. The adventures of Stanky & Cece are a wonderful way to introduce kids ages 3-8 to new adventures in exploring nature, being responsible for their actions, and making amends.

These engaging books:

  • encourage children to look for opportunities to make the right choices
  • affirm that everyone makes mistakes
  • teaches children that mistakes can be forgiven
  • appeals to kids’ enjoyment of animals, trucks, and nature
  • can be read aloud for storytime or enjoyed as an independent read

Download your very own coloring page from Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules