Stanky & Friends


Stanky loves the simple adventures of exploring the outdoors. He also loves his family and friends and is very loyal, especially to Cece and Flatbed Fred. He sometimes takes risks that cause him some problems. He’s spontaneous, curious, and because of his innocence, he doesn’t always think about the consequence of his actions.


Cece has a lot of energy and loves playing fetch, and when she’s playing fetch, nothing else matters—except maybe her friends. She likes making people happy, and when she’s done something wrong, she is ashamed of her mistakes and makes amends. She knows what’s important to her and she stands up for what she believes in.

Flatbed Fred

Flatbed Fred has a calm, soothing presence about him. He’s strong and is often the one his friends and family turn to when they need a helping hand. He loves puttering about the farm, spending hours alone doing his chores, and tending to his land and his animals.


Nali loves her role in keeping order in her herd. She’s on alert and looking out for others. She has a big heart and is already ready to lend a helping hand.


Otto is the town mechanic who can fix anything from your Jeep to your soul.