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In Stanky & Cece: Out of Control, Stanky & Cece are eager to join their friends at the river for a day of fun.  Unfortunately, things get out of control when Stanky makes a decision that would make Cece happy–but he knows isnt right for him.

Ultimately, Stanky & Cece learn valuable lessons about responsibility, friendships, and self-confidence.

Adventures can be fun and safe–when we make choices that honor ourselves and our values.

“Storytime with the grandkids was a blast with Stanky and Cece! We can't wait to read more of their adventures! My granddaughter loves to draw and really enjoys the illustrations. Such a fun book!”

“My 5-year-old granddaughter loves this book and the questions at the end. She had a great time talking with her mom at bedtime. Well done! Can hardly wait to buy the next book.”

“The book is easily relatable to our 3-year-old grandson. He could remember the characters' names and retell the story in his own words after having it read to him just a couple of times. His new favorite!”

“We have an autistic granddaughter, age 7, and she absolutely loves this book. At times, she can be in her own little world, but when Grandma pulls out Stanky and Cece, it's definitely a fun time. It's one of the few books we have she will hang onto every word and repeat so many of the phrases she hears when we read it to her. Love this book!”

Co-authors Chad Hanstedt and Kathy Sparrow team with Illustrators Jacob Gray and James Koenig to share the adventures and valuable lessons of Stanky & Cece. The adventures of Stanky & Cece are a wonderful way to introduce kids ages 3-8 to new adventures in exploring nature, being responsible for their actions, and making amends.

These engaging books:

  • encourage children to look for opportunities to make the right choices
  • affirm that everyone makes mistakes
  • teaches children that mistakes can be forgiven
  • appeals to kids’ enjoyment of animals, trucks, and nature
  • can be read aloud for storytime or enjoyed as an independent read

Download your very own coloring page from Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules