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In Stanky & Cece: Out of Control, Stanky & Cece are eager to join their friends at the river for a day of fun.  Unfortunately, things get out of control when Stanky makes a decision that would make Cece happy–but he knows isnt right for him.

Ultimately, Stanky & Cece learn valuable lessons about responsibility, friendships, and self-confidence.

Adventures can be fun and safe–when we make choices that honor ourselves and our values.

Co-authors Chad Hanstedt and Kathy Sparrow team with Illustrators Jacob Gray and James Koenig to share the adventures and valuable lessons of Stanky & Cece. The adventures of Stanky & Cece are a wonderful way to introduce kids ages 3-8 to new adventures in exploring nature, being responsible for their actions, and making amends.

These engaging books:

  • encourage children to look for opportunities to make the right choices
  • affirm that everyone makes mistakes
  • teaches children that mistakes can be forgiven
  • appeals to kids’ enjoyment of animals, trucks, and nature
  • can be read aloud for storytime or enjoyed as an independent read

Download your very own coloring page from Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules