Welcome to Stanky & Cece Adventures!

Welcome to Stanky & Cece Adventures!

Did you know you can help your children build confidence and make healthy decisions through the adventures of Stanky & Cece, a jammin’ jeep and a playful pup?

Stanky and Cece are on a mission to assist children in developing their inner compasses, choose what values are important to them, distinguish between right and wrong, and build the confidence to be engaged members of their community – and, most importantly, respect themselves and others by making healthy decisions. 

Stanky and Cece made their debut in Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules, and our second book is Stanky & Cece: Out of Control.

Ultimately, we want children to learn about life in a fun, imaginative way. We’re not doing this in a vacuum as we write these books. We’re looking to our experiences with our families and coming up with these ideas. We turn to our family and ask them their opinions on the storylines and the themes we are addressing, things like self-care, environmental stewardship, strengthening and navigating family and friendships, resilience, adapting to change, cleaning up your messes, chores, and responsibilities, self-acceptance, and diversity – all of which we’ll address in upcoming projects. 

In our upcoming blogs, we’ll introduce you to Stanky & Cece, their friends, and their team. We’ll share how the idea to create the characters came about in our next blog. 

We’ll post a new story once a week on Saturday mornings.

In between, check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram

Remember…Adventures can be safe and fun – when we follow the rules!

Thanks for sharing our journey!

Chad Hanstedt & Kathy Sparrow

Download your very own coloring page from Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules

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